Great Musical Theatre Dance

Aren’t you someone who is hoping to enjoy dance? You want to be able to go in and just have a good time. You want to be able to showcase all of your talent and get to learn the craft. This is what musical theatre dance is all about and those who participate in this […]

Benefits of Enrolling in Performing Arts Dance

If you love to dance, why not enrollin a school that will help you set a routine?Make sure that you do not let your talentbecome something that you forget. If there is something that you enjoy so much, it is important to give it time. Enrolling in a performing arts dance school will help you […]


Where to Listen to the Best Musical Theatre Songs for Free

Some of the most beautiful and inspiring songs of all time have been written for musicals. These songs tell stories of tragedy, loss, hope, strength, triumph and most importantly, love. Unlike many of the shallow songs that you can hear on the radio today, these songs are filled with deep meaning and true passion, which […]

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Learning About the History of Musical Theatre

Every day, children, teens, and even adults discover the magic of musical theatre. They may stumble across just one musical they like, or find several amazing ones. With that said, if someone is truly passionate about this medium, they’ll want to take the time to learn about the history of musical theatre. However, many people […]

How to Memorise Lines in a Play

How to Memorise Lines in a Play

Getting your first act in a play can be a nerve-racking experience. But in all honesty, it can’t be as hard as that anymore as you have already gone through the hardest part which is the audition. After that, everything is pretty much a piece a cake. Well almost everything, learning your lines can be […]